Traffic Citations/Tickets –  includes offenses like no tag light, no seatbelt, and speeding.

Misdemeanor Charges – carry up to a year in County Jail and / or fines in addition to court cost. These charges include but are not limited Driving Under Suspension, Malicious Injury to Property under $1,000.00, Public Intoxication, Simple Assault and Battery, Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance, and First Offense Driving Under the Influence.

Felony Charges – carry up to multiple years within the Department of Corrections, fines, and court cost. These charges include Distribution of Controlled Dangerous Substance, Assault and Battery, Malicious Injury to Property over $1,000.00, Second Offence or Aggravated – Driving Under the Influence, Burglary, Sexual Charges, Child Abuse, and Murder.

Juvenile Charges

Both felony and misdemeanor charges that a brought against a person under the age of 18.


Youthful Offenders Charges

These are usually felony charges brought against 16-19-year-old individuals that the state chooses not to charge as an Adult or Juvenile.